Established in 2023, East Coast Active is an online activewear and athleisure boutique store for any lifestyle. We understand that not everyone who wears activewear is big into fitness and that's OKAY. So whether you are wearing your athleisure to pilates, the airport, lunch with the girls, running errands or simply just being mom, we have something in store for you. We believe in quality, affordable activewear for anyone. Our store and brand motto is "Aesthetic. Style. Comfort. and Function." ECA is a firm believer in all these qualities and your athleisure should be as versatile as your day.


Hi, Im Alex, the owner and founder of East Coast Active. I started this online activewear and athleisure boutique store with the goal to be able to supply quality, affordable and trendy activewear to women with any lifestyle. Pushing the standards, I believe that activewear and athleisure can be worn outside the gym and for any activity. Don't get me wrong, of course there is a time and place but most of my day activities are done in activewear. I feel my most productive when I am comfortable, but also looking good in trendy athleisure.

I live life on the go and my wardrobe mimics that. When I am not at work as an Emergency Department Nurse, you can find me working out, traveling, cooking, spending time with friends or at a motocross track. And yes, I wear athleisure to almost all of these places!

I have a passion for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Formerly a Pure Barre instructor, I still visit the studio a few times a week to get my workouts in, as well as take pilates classes. I firmly believe that when you look good, you feel good and you do good. Our motto at East Coast Active, "Aesthetic, Style, Comfort, and Function" directly aligns with this belief and which is why I created the store. I hope that other women, with any lifestyle, can feel their absolute best doing what they do in their activewear.